• Probably not, because he isn’t informed himself.

    Informed Choice vs Vaccine Mandates

    New book summarizes important vaccine information in succinct headlines, charts, tables, graphs, illustrations, and bullet points, so you can be informed, and question your health care provider or anybody pressuring you to get a vaccine.

    Available at Amazon: Risks & Benefits of Vaccines for Informed Choice

    What Your Doctor Should Tell You but Probably Doesn’t

    New Book Gives You What You need to make an Informed Choice

    • Informed consent is firmly based on long-established principles of medical ethics and law
    • If a product has DEATH or severe injury as a potential side effect, it cannot be mandated.
    • It is against the law to coerce ANY medical intervention, contrary to the media or government “mandates”
    Does your doctor know the information in this readable, succinct book?
    Vaccines are actually powerful drugs. They are designed to shock the body into eliciting an immune response. Under pharmaceutical industry influence, doctors are taught little about vaccines in medical school. According to polls, surveys, medical school textbooks and personal inquiries I have made, doctors and nurses often receive as little as a two-hour training on vaccines. They are taught the CDC schedule, that vaccines save lives, and that children must now receive 72 doses of vaccines by the time they are 18 years old (it was 5 doses in 1960’s). And now adults and children are being pressured or forced by employers and others to take experimental mRNA injections repeatedly and become vaccine-dependent, even though most doctors know little about it except “the CDC recommends it.”

    New book provides information about:

    • ingredients in vaccines
    • mortality and morbidity rates of childhood diseases
    • injury rates according to Harvard studies and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
    • the results of control group studies of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated (independent researchers are doing studies the CDC refuses to do)
    • studies linking vaccines to SIDS, auto-immune diseases, cancer, seizures, paralysis, diabetes, and other illnesses
    • conflicts of interest compromise CDC recommendations
    • what informed consent for the covid-19 injections should look like
    • what happens if you get a vaccine injury?
    • study citations and links to more information  
    • questions to ask your doctor   
    • a liability form

    Why I wrote Risks and Benefits of Vaccines for Informed Choice.

    As a nurse, I had given immunizations without much thought. Like doctors, we were only minimally trained about vaccines. But when covid 19 hit, we already began hearing that “we cannot get back to normal till the whole world is vaccinated.” This struck me as very strange, since SARS-Cov-2 was said to be a novel virus about which little was known. I started investigating covid vaccines and vaccines in general. I was surprised at what I found.

    The more I researched the new mRNA covid injections the more I developed concerns—that it was new technology never tried in humans before, that it was developed at “warp speed,” that it was only Emergency Use Authorized, not FDA approved, and that it was only tested for eight weeks, whereas most vaccines are tested for years. Many qualified doctors and vaccine-awareness advocates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have long been warning about the lack of control group safety testing of  vaccines. In April of 2020 I attended an in-person talk by Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, who also warned  about the lack of safety testing and the corruption of science by the pharmaceutical industry that she had observed first hand.

    I question my own doctor.

    It is the nurse’s job to question doctors, in order to be the check on them. I wanted to see how much my own primary care physician knew about the covid “vaccine” (now recognized as gene therapy). So I developed a list of questions about it. He was located in my hometown in Escondido, CA, but I made a telemed appointment.  I emailed him the questions over two weeks ahead of time and told the office nurse I would be asking him these questions.

    He began the telemed appointment sitting alone in a room on the computer in his office, wearing two masks. That gave me a clue that I would not get science-based answers from him. For those of you who may not know, there is no science-based rationale for wearing even one mask to stop a virus, especially when alone in a room talking over a computer, (as if the virus could be spread over the internet).

    The outcome of the conversation was that my doctor, who I had believed was fairly competent up to this point, did not know any of the answers that I asked him about the covid injections. I asked him about conflicting information concerning the new technology, if it stops transmission, if there were alternative treatments for covid, about long term effects of the vaccine, if it affects your DNA, the lack of testing on pregnant women, and other questions. He did not even know the death rate for covid, but said several times, “it’s a deadly disease.” This is a brief summary of our 30 minute conversation:

    My Telemed meeting with Dr._____ March 8, 2021
    Kathleen Melonakos, RN, MA

    Most important points:
    – He recommended the covid vaccine even though he acknowledged it doesn’t protect you from the getting the disease or transmitting it
    – He did not know how to recognize a vaccine injury, except severe anaphylaxis
    – He did not know the VAERS time limit for reporting a vaccine-related injury (he thought it was 2-3 days, when actually it is a month)
    – He dismissed the fact that testing has not been done on pregnant women and recommended the covid vaccine for pregnant women anyway
    – He dismissed the fact that the CDC doesn’t use peer reviewed studies to back up their recommendations even though I read it to him from their website
    – He dismissed it when I said no one knows the long-term effects due to lack of testing
    – He said covid 19 was a deadly disease but did not know the survivability rate (99.5% for my age, or about the same as seasonal flu)
    – He said, “nothing you say is going to change my recommendation,” addressing none of my scientific concerns. He said, “I leave all that to the experts at the CDC.”

    Vaccine dogma vs. actual science

    This conversation helped me see that this doctor was unaware of basic facts about the covid vaccine but blindly believed the slogans promoted by the CDC that it is “safe and effective,” period.  

    Well, good scientists evaluate evidence even though it may challenge prevailing slogans, or what might be called dogma. I studied philosophy at Stanford. Dogma is defined as “unquestioned assumptions.”  Good scientists do not cling to dogma merely because it is more convenient or more profitable. Good scientists test unquestioned assumptions when they encounter conflicting evidence in order to find the truth. Why? Because acting on false assumptions in medicine can, and often does cause HARM.

    There are many examples in history of doctors clinging to harmful practices because they refused to question the prevailing “standard of care.” Doctors used to bleed patients for example. They used to cause mercury poisoning with the use of calomel in the 19th century. Another famous example is that it took over ten years before they finally accepted Dr. Semmelweiss’ discovery that they could save women’s lives by washing their hands before doing pelvic exams. Doctors used to recommend smoking cigarettes to calm anxiety, and often smoked themselves.

    How to insist on informed choice and help educate doctors

    This conversation with my doctor gave me an idea. I could summarize some of the most important facts about vaccines from my research and put it into an easily accessible format that patients could use. Drawing on my experience of summarizing information for nurses when I wrote Saunders Pocket Reference for Nurses, (it sold 50,000 copies in the 1990’s), I developed Risks and Benefits of Vaccines for Informed Choice.

    It is mainly a compilation of some of the most important facts that doctors and patients should know in order to make an informed choice instead of an automatic response due to social or financial pressure. Drug companies convince physicians that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary, but the more I researched government websites, package inserts, books on vaccines, scientific studies and vaccine-awareness websites, I began to question the oft-repeated mantras that we have heard all our lives.  I began to see the dogmatic nature of these “safe and effective” slogans, and that the science I explored did not support what I came to see as pharmaceutical industry marketing hype.

    Thus, I have provided this readable book, (81 pages), so patients can educate themselves, and test their doctors for their willingness to question slogans promoted by pharmaceutical companies and the CDC. Both these groups are increasingly characterized by conflicts of interest and voracious greed. They are shielded from liability for the harm they cause. This fact alone has horrendous consequences for patients and families (see Chapter 9 in Risks and Benefits to begin researching this topic).

    I hope patients can utilize this book to educate themselves, their friends and family, and open a dialogue with their doctors. My husband and I attended a talk on Nov. 27, 2021 in San Diego by Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the top cardiologists and experts on covid in the world. He encouraged patients to confront their doctors. He said they should ask them about the VAERS data showing the catastrophic numbers of deaths from the covid injections in the eleven months since the roll out (almost 20,000 reported deaths, whereas the Swine flu program was shut down after less than 100 deaths!). He said there is a darkness and blindness hovering over physicians right now regarding covid early treatment and vaccines.

    Vaccines can have severe side effects including death. Patients are morally, ethically and legally entitled to informed choice about every medical intervention. Vaccines and gene therapies are no exception. Informed choice is the law.

    Perhaps I am idealistic, but I hope that this book will help lead to the repeal of all vaccine mandates and to liability being put back on vaccine manufacturers. In the meantime, we should insist on informed choice.

    “If a product has severe side effects or DEATH as a side effect, it cannot be mandated.”

    — Dr. Ryan Cole

    About the Author

    Kathleen Melonakos, RN, MA, is a former Stanford clinic assistant director, best-selling author of Saunders Pocket Reference for Nurses, and is currently co-host of Biblical Citizen: Let’s Roll on KPRZ radio in San Diego. She is an advocate for the Physicians for Informed Consent, Nurses for Informed Consent, and Children’s Health Defense. She lives in the San Diego area and gives seminars and workshops on vaccine awareness and informed choice.

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